Recent Assignments

CRC/Research Consortium Advice

Providing advice on the establishment of a CRC/research consortium on the processing of forestry products into high-value chemical intermediates.

Strategic Human Resources Advice — Mining Services Company

Advising the executive chairman of a large mining services company on organisation change, executive management development and other strategic HR issues.

Mentoring and Conflict Resolution – Not-for-Profit Sector

Working with the chairman of a not-for-profit community-services provider, mentoring the CEO and advising on conflict resolution.

Strategic Advice — Resources Company

Advising the executive management of an ASX-listed minerals-processing company regarding a potential acquisition.

Qualitative System Model Development — Bioenergy Research, UK

Working with a group from the University of Surrey, Imperial College, and Oxford, developing a qualitative model of the UK bioenergy system.

"Due Diligence" Advice — Major Multinational Industrial Company

Advising the executive management of a major industrial group regarding a potential acquisition, particularly on manufacturing, health, safety and environmental issues.

Principal Corporate Governance Advisor — Major International Human Resources Firm

An on-going relationship providing corporate governance expertise in conducting board of directors reviews, director peer-to-peer, chairman and CEO reviews for public and private companies, government and not-for-profit organisations.

Sustainable Development Corporate Governance Review — Global Resources Corporation

Advising the board of directors of one of the world's largest resources corporations on long-term sustainable development, with particular emphasis on health, safety, and environment matters.

Strategic Advice — Major Multinational Chemical Company

Advising a major European multinational on its specialty chemical strategy in Australia/New Zealand.

New Product Commercialisation — Retail Management Software System

Advising the owners of a software development company on strategy to commercialise a highly successful franchise/retail management software system.

Strategy and Operational Management Advice — Blindness and Low Vision Company

A long-term assignment advising a manufacturer and distributor of blindness and low vision products on strategy and operational management issues.

Sustainable Development Plan — Republic of Kiribati

Through the Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific, preparing a sustainable development plan for the Republic of Kiribati.  Funded by a grant from the New Zealand Government, the project involved leading a team of advisers from several consulting firms and the Centre for Risk, Environment, Systems Technology, and Analysis at the University of Sydney.